Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th July Weekend

This last weekend we went had the great opportunity to go with my cousin, Nicole, her family, my Grandma, and my brother Brandon and his wife Michelle, to Alpine, WY for the 4th of July. They rented a cabin for the weekend and were so nice to let us join them. 
My other cousin Tina, and her family live there, and I have been DYING to see them and their new house for awhile now, so I was super excited to go! They had her brother Benji, his wife Kayla, and their sweet little girl Alexis staying with them, and also my aunt Teresa and Uncle Doug (Tina's parents). 
So it was quite a party!
 We seriously had a great trip! I LOVE spending time with my extended family and this trip was great! 
We definitely need to make it a tradition or something! 
We had a Blast!
And instead of telling you all that we did, I will just overload you all with pictures! :)

Carnival in Star Valley. They each got a green ribbon for running in the race.

These two girls are bestest friends, and SO cute together! They were inseparable the entire time.

Palisades Reservoir

Yes we hauled our new paddle board with us... and it was worth it!

Jackson Hole

The Grand Tetons

Intermittent Springs near Afton, WY

Seriously, is this not one of the most BEAUTIFUL places ever! 
We Loved it!!

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  1. Those are gorgeous. Especially those two super cute kiddos!!!