Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sophie's Spring Dance Recital

Sophie's dance recital was on June 13, 2014.
She has been doing dance now for almost a year and has seriously LOVED every minute of it. This was her second recital and this one was a little bit bigger than her first which was in December.
For this recital her class performed 2 dances.
 First was a cute tap dance routine to the song "Pop Corn Popping".

The second was a ballet dance. They were dressed as Eskimos and danced to a song called
 "I'm a Little Eskimo".  
She looked adorable if I do say so myself.

Here in the Barker Family we have quite the amazing support system. Nick and I have be so blessed with AMAZING families and as you can see, 
there is plenty of support here for Sophie, and this isn't even close everyone!

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