Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anniversary Surprise Weekend

So like I mentioned in my last post, Sophie had her dance recital about On June 13.
 Well right after the dance recital, Nick surprised me with a little get-away trip to Boise for our anniversary (which is actually June 27) 
This was a TOTAL surprise! I had no idea until that day that anything was going on and it was SO fun. 
For those you you who don't know, I absolutely LOVE surprises and I LOVE spur of the moment things so this was great! He didn't tell me what we were doing in Boise he just said to pack my bags, and we were off!

 He even arranged for my mom and sister to watch the kids, without me knowing. That's pretty impressive.
So when we got to Boise he finally told me what the first surprise was....wait for it...
Nick had got tickets for him and me to go to the One Republic/The Script/American Authors concert! I was so excited! I really like One Republic and The Script so this was pretty awesome! 
Typical Nick picture here 

It was such a fun concert and One Republic was AMAZING! The other bands were good to but seriously, WOW, I was so impressed with what a good concert One Republic put on. They were great!
Nick then arranged for us to stay at a hotel that night.

I though that was it, and that was a great surprise and I loved it. Well apparently he wasn't finished. ;)
The next day we hung out and then went to lunch at Tucanos. It was delicious, as always. 
Then, during lunch he was acting a little odd, as in he would get these phone calls and walk off to talk to the person and when I would ask him about who it was he wouldn't say anything, odd. 
So by that point I knew something else had to be going on. Sure enough, as soon as we got out of the restaurant my sister pulled up in OUR van with the kids. 
Nick had arranged for her to bring them and we were off to Roaring Springs water park. It was great! Except, did I mention that the weather that day was only supposed to be only 70 degrees as the high? 
Any other day that weather would be just fine, but when you are going to a water park 70 is a bit chilly, especially when there is a breeze. Ha.
It was ok though, and worked out just fine, and although we all did freeze slightly, we had a blast!
 And because of the cooler weather we basically had the water park to ourselves. We literally could go on any ride with NO line. I think that made it worth it, especially with the kids. 

This is how we ate our lunch, mostly because we were freezing! 

Did I mention the kids were OBSESSED with the little kiddie slides! They probably went on them 500 times. Cru was especially happy about them, and it was adorable!
here are a couple videos of it.

The kids loved it, we loved it! It was a great surprise trip and pretty much I have the best husband ever! 
We had such a fun time! 

Happy 6 years to us! 

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