Monday, April 22, 2013

~The Barker Kids~

I haven't done a post on my kids in awhile so I thought maybe it was a good time to write about just them. They are both getting so big I can't even believe it! I love being able to stay home with them and see all of the fun/ funny little things that they do. Seriously being a mom is the BEST! And I love these two little cuties!

Cru is 8 months old now and just the happiest laid back little guy there is. However he NEVER wants to just sit still. He constantly has to be moving around. I honestly can't even hardly stand to hold him for very long because he just wiggles constantly and wants to be put down. He recently has become quite the pro at crawling. He has been scooting/ semi-crawling for about a month and a half but just recently he picked up on the real thing. I think he is going to be walking here shortly though, because I can tell he really wants to and he tries to pull himself up to stand all the time. He also puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, and so I have to watch him constantly. I don't think I have ever vacuumed as much as I have in the last few months. He is so fun though, and we all just love him!

He also got his first "real" haircut this last week. 


Sophie is getting so big. She is so funny and is always "helping" me out with Cru.
Although a lot of times her idea of helping out isn't quite my idea, but she tries. 
She really loves Cru!
She talks very well and is always telling me stories 
that she makes up. They are pretty funny usually! She loves to play with her friends and cousins and even prays for them at night. Its so cute! She is all girl! She loves anything and everything girly. Sophie is really into princesses right now and pretends that she is Cinderella, Nick is the Prince, and I'm Repunzel. 
Cru, however, is Donald Duck (she also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). 
She loves to play outside in her play house and also loves to 
make casseroles with Nick and me in her play kitchen.  She also loves her doll who is named Baby Jane.
She does everything with baby Jane that we do with Cru. :)
Me and Sophie are best buds. She always wants to do whatever I do.
The other day her and I went on a little mommy daughter date to the movie "The Croods" and it was so fun!

She likes to put my shoes on and walk around the house... she's pretty good at it too considering the height of the heels.

I probably could go on forever about these two, I won't, but I could. So to sum it up,
 Lets just say
We pretty much think our kids are the greatest! 


  1. Your kids are so cute! Little cru is a stud!! And your house looks so nice! Are you loving being done?? I am SO stoked to be finished!! Only 3 more weeks! Hallelujah!

  2. Oh! I miss those guys! Cru is huge compared to when I saw him last! Was it really at Christmas? UGh! We need to get together! Sorry we didn't make it down last weekend. :( We'll do it soon!

  3. Cute Kids!! Cru will probably walk before Payson! ha ha Payson could if he wanted to, but he just doesn't want to! I love how Sophie likes to help you with everything! That is really cute! She is a little older than Payson, but he wants to help me do a lot of stuff, too, so I can relate to the "help" not being exactly how you want it!! :-) Love your blog posts! We miss you guys!