Monday, April 15, 2013

~Easter 2013~

We had a great Easter this year! We enjoyed time with family, looking for easter eggs, wearing "pretty easter dresses", coloring eggs, eating candy, enjoying the warmer weather and everything else that comes along with this fun time of year. 
Sophie really got into this year and especially loved looking for easter eggs. She still likes me to hide them around the house or yard for her to go find. Oh ya she loves the candy too. In fact I had to hide it all so she couldn't reach it because those first couple days after Easter I would catch her sneaking some when I wasn't paying attention. Cru had fun too, well as much fun as a 7 month old can. They both looked cute for church on Sunday. Sophie loves wearing her "Cinderella" easter dress, but I am still kicking myself because I never got a picture of them all the way ready (you know, hair done shoes on, ect.). Oh well! 
And of course here are a few pictures :) 

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  1. ADORABLE!! I love Cru's little smile, and it looks like Sophie was having fun!