Thursday, May 2, 2013

~The Artist~

I'm pretty excited about this new little addition to our wall.

Here is a little background on it: 
 So Sophie loves, and I mean LOVES to paint! She mainly paints with watercolors, mostly because that is easy to clean up. She also does finger paints too, but that's not quite as easy to clean up. 
 She does them all by herself and I love seeing how each time she paints she kind of picks a color scheme for the day. I really wanted to keep all of the paintings and I thought that maybe I could find a way to display them too. So For the last few months I have been collecting all of her paintings. After I had quite a few... like 20. Then I headed to D.I. and picked up a nice BIG frame for about $10. Such a good deal! It's a really nice frame and it came with the mat as well. 
After getting the frame I gathered all the paintings and I cut them into squares/ rectangles and put them all together in a mural type thing. (as you can see in the picture) 
When I had it all mainly put together I showed the idea of what I was doing to Sophie. Her reaction to it was better than I could have imagined. Ha. 
She was SO excited and for about the next 20 min just kept saying "thanks mom, I love it!" over and over. Ill admit, that made me pretty happy that I did it. I then let her choose the color she wanted me to paint the frame. (I have a spray paint addiction and LOVE to spray paint things so I had about  7 colors for her to choose from)  She chose this fantastic blue color and I think it turned out pretty amazing!  
What do ya think?

Pretty great right?!
Sophie seriously does love it, and I love having an awesome art piece on our wall that actually has meaning and the fact that our 2 year old did it is even better! :)


  1. okay your amazing! :) i will do this with blaire

  2. I am in LOVE with this! So cool. I totally want to do this with Addie. And I love your chairs! You need to post pictures of your house!

  3. That is so amazing!!! Sophie, that is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen! You are such a talented artist! Would you paint something for me???? Can't wait to see you tomorrow! We love you! Thanks, Megan, for being so creative for your little girl!