Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our life

Ok Ok... I guess its about time for me to update this thing. I should really do it more often than I do because I feel like everytime I update, there is so much time that has past that I just dont have the time to put everything in here that I want. So I think im going to just generalize here and then put pictures, because they seem to tell more of a story than I can write.
Basically we are really enjoying our time here in Reno, and I can't believe that it is almost time for me to start packing up the house to head back to Idaho. (I am a little OCD when it comes to packing so I usually start like a month in advance, we move Dec. 9th) We have done so many fun things and had a good time just being somewhere new. Lake Tahoe has been one of our favorite places to go, and since the weather here is STILL really nice, we have been able to go more than I thought we would. Its so beautiful, I definitely recommend it to everyone! We have also had fun going on hikes near our house, going to different parks around the city (there are SO many), playing golf and tennis, going to the temple (its only about 10 min from our house), and SO many other things.
Sophie is getting so big! Ok well big for her. She still isnt walking but she figured out yesterday how to use her little car thing she got from Grandma Sue and Grandpa Scott for her birthday, to walk around with it. But she deosnt know how to turn so she runs into the walls and then just waits for me to turn it for her. Its pretty funny. She also is talking quite a bit, mostly its not words we can understand but she says "uh oh" all the time, usually when she drops something, and she says "dada" all the time too. She also says "hi" now when she waves to people but she will only do it when she wants to, if we try and tell her to say it she never does. Im afraid she picked up Nick and my stubborn-ness. haha Its inevitable, we are bound to have stubborn children! She is just so fun to have around though, she is my little buddy. Its so fun to watch her grow and learn new things. I swear she learns something new everyday. She is a very good little girl though. She has had quite the string of sicknesses the last few months but she stays mostly happy the whole time.
Nick is doing really well in his rotations and he has recently decided that he would really like to work in a hospital as the "infectious disease specialist" He just got done with his infectious disease rotation and he loved it. His preceptor (which i think is a fancy word for the guy in charge) Was really impressed with Nick and said he is willing to help him out on figuring out what he needs to do to get a job in a hospital. He also told Nick that he would give him great recommendations to wherever Nick wants to find the job. So hopefully that will help. We really want to live somewhere in Idaho close to family, so thats where we are going to be looking. But I know that Nick will just do great with whatever he does. He does so well in school and Im just glad that he likes it! :)
Anyways... so that is our life right now. Isn't it just so great! haha
  Here are pictures to show what I forgot to blog about:

This is Lake Tahoe... and you cant really tell from this picture how pretty it really is. By the way they are sitting on a paddle board, which is a board you are supposed to stand on and paddle around... its actually is very fun!

This is me on my birthday, Nick got me a Kindle and I LOVE IT!!!

My birthday cake

This is at my cousin Benji's wedding (I unfortunately never got a picture of him and his cute wife Kayla) But this is me and my two cousins Tina, and Missy

My brother Brandon with Sophie and Nick

Sophie with Grandpa Scott in his office chair at his work place

We visited Pocatello (during Benji's wedding) and went to the Blackfoot fair! Sophie was loving the animals!

Grandma Sherri and Sophie

more Tahoe

This little boy looks nice here but dont let him fool you haha... he loved to hit and push and scream at Sophie and yet she still loved having him to play with. This is the little thing she pushes around by herself now.

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and this is where we go hit golf balls. Its a driving rang where you try and hit onto these little islands. Nick loves coming here... in fact I think we are going tonight.

Also while we were in Pocatello, I had my parents next door neighbor take some pictures of Sophie for me. They turned out super cute!


  1. I love all the pictures of Sophie!! So cute! She is getting so big. Lake Tahoe looks like a blast. I want to go there someday (when I am not pregnant). We are excited for you guys to move back :)

  2. Yes- you do need to update more often! :) Sophie is getting so big! She is a doll!

  3. I love when you blog- so yes, you should do it more!! :-) Looks like you guys are having fun!!

  4. Yes, you should blog more! This is the only way I get to see you and know what's going on! Sophie is so cute - I think her pictures look a lot like you - lucky girl!!!