Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween and more...

Well to say the least this week has been...not the greatest. First I got sick, which is never fun, but its really hard when Sophie isnt feel too well either, and Nick started a new rotation which I like to call "the rotation from H". Basically he leaves the house at 7:30 am and doesnt get home until about 5pm, which isnt too bad, but then they have been making him work on these stupid article things that he works on as soon as he gets home until about the time we go to bed. So I have hardly seen him all week. And with me and Sophie both sick, and nobody around that I know (that doesnt have a job or is not in Pharmacy school) to talk to or possibly help me out with Sophie, it just hasnt been great. Needless to say, I am getting very ready to head back to Pocatello. :) Which is now less than a month away!! YAY!!
Ok but that is enough of me being negative.... Actually besides this week, everything has been really good. We had a fun Halloween, that we actually celebrated the Friday and Saturday before halloween.
Friday we went with a few other people in pharmacy school, and their families to a pumpkin patch. We went on a little hayride and looked at the farm animals they had. That night we had pizza and watched "Ernest Scared Stupid" (which is becoming a tradition for Nick and me). Then on Saturday our ward had a trunk or treat/ carnival thing and we all dressed up for it.

Sophie was a very cute little kitten, Nick went as a Mad Scientist, and I went as the Progressive Lady (there is a story behind that, but I dont feel like telling it) Anyways it was fun. Sophie was actually supposed to be a witch, I had made the costume for her, but for some reason she refused to wear the witch hat I made, so last minute I made her some Cat ears and she became a cat... with a tutu.. haha. It still looked pretty cute! :) 
So like I said that was all on the weekend before Halloween. For the actually day of Halloween, we traveled, yet again back to Idaho. Nick had to go for a pharmacy fair and so thats why we went. We spent the first day and a half in Burley with Nick's parents, then Wednesday Thursday and Friday were in Pocatello, and we headed back to Burley on Saturday and left for Reno on Sunday afternoon. It is always fun to see our families and Sophie really enjoyed all the attention she got. :) We had a good trip. 

So guess what else... SOPHIE IS WALKING!!! WOOT WOOT!! Ok So I know she is kind of a late bloomer when it comes to things like rolling over and crawling and, now, walking, but she finally got it!! YEAH!! She took her first steps on October 30 and, ya she still is a little wobbly and she still prefers to crawl since she gets around much faster that way, for now, but she is getting better. And its about time because she is officially 15 months old TODAY! So lets hope she starts picking it up quickly. :) ( by the way we do have a video of it but i cant figure out how to post videos on here that actually play, so you will all just have to come see her in person and watch how awesome she is! haha)


  1. Cute little kitty! :-) If you want to post videos you can make your blogs on Windows Live Writer. It's free, but you have to download it. It makes blog posting a lot easier!!

  2. I'm so sorry you were sick after you got home! I hope the time passes quickly for you to come back home. We can't wait! Sophie is soooooo cute and darling and it is fun to see her walk and dance!

  3. Sophie is the cutest kitten I have ever seen! I missed seeing you guys over Thanksgiving, and Oakley missed having someone to play with. I guess we will have to wait until the sock party :)