Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sophie is now 1!!! Her Birthday was August 11!! I cant believe how time has flown!! I know people always say it goes by so fast, and I believed them, but it still is crazy. :) Anyways... for Sophie's birthday Nick's parents came here to Reno.It was so fun to have them here. They got here on her birthday, so we had a little party that night for Sophie. It wasn't anything too special, but I made her a cake and we opened presents. She loved the cake! I made a little lady bug cake for her, and the "head" of the ladybug was a mini cake for Sophie to have all to herself.

 We let her eat it all by herself and she really dug in! It was hilarious!! She went from using her hands to just stuffing her whole face into the cake. It got all over her, and the walls, and everything, but it was definitely worth it!!

I realized in the middle of her eating the cake that the color of frosting I used probably wasnt the best choice. It looked really gross haha (but it tasted good)
After cake (and a bath) we had her open presents.She was very excited to be opening them. It was so fnny because She would scream ( a happy scream) everytime she opened a new present. It was very cute, and she definitely got spoiled, especially by Grandma Sue and Grandpa Scott. :)

Anyways... in celebration of her birthday I wanted to tell about some of the things she has learned and likes to do in this first year of her life. so here it goes:

1. She has learned how to crawl (ya it took her a long time, but she definitely has it down really well now, I think she will be walking any day now, but you never know with her)
2. She can feed herself (and she now doesn't choke on things as much, which I am very glad for)
3. She can wave.... at everything, its her favorite thing.
4. She can give mommy and daddy kisses... SO CUTE!
5. She can sleep through the night (YAY!!)
6. She can clap her hands
7. She can draw (kind of)
8. She loves to look at books
9. She loves her pink blanky
10. She loves to play catch with daddy (but she wont throw the ball for some reason, she hands it to him nicely haha)
11. She can brush her own hair... this is so cute!
12. She loves mommy to hold her.... ALL The time!
13. She loves to watch baby Einstein movies ( best invention EVER)
14. She loves to go on walks in her stroller
15. She loves animals, especially dogs and birds
16. She loves to go swimming
17. She can dance, and she loves music... its very cute
18. She loves little kids and babies
19. She loves to look at pictures of Jesus (and wave to him, cutest thing ever)
20. She loves her mommy and daddy, and we love her very much!!

We are very blessed to have such a sweet little girl. It definitely is such a learning experience but I am very grateful for it. I love (almost) every minute of it. I love watching her learn and grow and sometimes I still cant believe she is ours, and that we actually have a little girl! Being a parent is the best thing in the whole world! Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!


  1. MEG! I can't believe Sophie is 1 already!!! so cute!!

  2. How? How in the world did I not know.... or forget... that you had a blog! :) She is the cutest thing ever!! I can't believe its been that long! You guys need to make a trip back and visit!

  3. Oh, she is a doll!!! I feel so ripped off that I didn't get to see the two of you (and Nick) at Benji's reception. I am glad you will be moving back to Pocatello in December - Reno is too far away :)