Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a great summer....

Man!! I was just looking back at pictures that we have taken in the past 2 months and wow we have done so many things. I actually have been wanting to blog about each one seperately, but as you can see, Im not the best at blogging! :) But I have wanted to share some of the fun things we have done.

1. We went to San Francisco about a week and a half ago. It is about 3 hours away from Reno, so we figured since we are this close we had to go at least once. It was great! We went with Jeff and Hetti Gower. Jeff is in the pharamacy program with Nick, and his wife Hetti is what I would consider pretty much my only friend here in Reno. She's great! Anyways... it was a fun trip! 
Me and Sophie with the Ex con... apparently being an ex-inmate in alcatraz makes you some kind of a celebrity.

She was so tired!

In the Alcatraz Prison

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Golden Gate Bridge

Lumbard Street

Those hills in San Francisco are brutal!

2. Nick just finished up his 2nd rotation here. It was a Walgreens rotation and the lady who was in charge of him was going to be gone for Nick's last week. She was very very nice and decided to let Nick have off Wed.- Fri. So Nick surprised me and let us go on a little trip back to Pocatello (which for us isnt such a little trip, its 9 hours from Reno). We actually surprised my parents too and just showed up at the door. Well technically we set Sophie on the door step in her carseat, covered the car seat with a blanket, and rang and ran, My dad answered and actually thought some random person was trying to leave their child with my parents. You know, like in the movies kind of. Anyways... he totally blew past Sophie (who was crying) and came running out after whoever dropped the baby off. It was actually really funny! Im laughing just thinking about it, and he was way suprised when he saw it was us. I couldnt believe he didnt even look at the crying baby. Who does that?!
We were actually in Burley first, before we went to Pocatello, to visit Nick's parents and it was so fun seeing them too. Nick was way excited to be able to go water skiing, and golfing. And it turned out to be perfect weather for both of those. The river in Burley was as smooth as I have ever seen it. And Nick and I and Nick's dad all went golfing and Nick shot the best round he has ever shot,and he beat me by one stroke, which is quite the accomplishment for him, and a bummer for me because until now, golf was the only thing I had up on him. oh well! : )
It turned out be be a perfect week to visit Nick's family because Chad (nicks brother) blessed their new little baby Quincy, so the whole family was in town for that. We were very excited to be able to go to that and see everyone.
It also turned out to be like the worst weekend to visit my family. My parents had their 30yr highschool reunion that weekend and they both were involved with planning it. And Mandy and Bryson had a big tennis tournament that weekend also. It was still fun to see them, but we just didnt get as much time with them as I would have liked. Mandy and Bryson dominated at tennis though, and we watched their matches so that was pretty cool.

She loves the water!

Nick doin his thing on the water ski

Cool sunglasses huh! :)

Me... attempting to wakeboard. Ever since my fall on the motorcycle Im terrified of wrecking on anything. I was really scared to go wakeboarding, but Nick talked me into it, and it was pretty fun. Even though I suck! :)

You cant really tell from this picture but Sophie is waving too. She waves at everything... its so cute!
Grandma Sue, Sophie, and Mary on the boat

The Barker family!

3. With all of this time on my hands here in Reno ( ya right) I have worked on a few projects. I guess one of the advantages of being poor is that I never want to spend money, or rather I dont have the money to spend, so, I teach myself how to make things, and I think I prefer it now to buying stuff. I feel like I appreciate it a lot more, and its fun! I would definitely recomend it. And seriously if I can do it anyone can! I dont even know what im doing really, I just kind of start and hope for the best.
The first project is a new carseat cover. I made it because the original one on the carseat started falling apart, and to buy a new one costs a lot more than I was willing to pay, so... here it is...... before...

notice the duct tape?

And the rips?

And After.... what do ya think? Dont look too close. ;)

 I have also been working on a Quiet Book for Sophie for her birthday ( which is tomorrow, YAY!!!!) I dont have any pictures of it yet, but its pretty cute! It was really fun to make.

My most recent project is a curtain covering thing for our entertainment center. Sophie loves to pull out all the movies and fling them all over the room, so I am covering it so she cant do that anymore. That project is actually not finished yet. Hopefully soon. :)

 SO............ Like I said, this has been a great summer so far. We have really enjoyed our time here, and the summer isn't over yet! We still have more fun things ahead!  :)


  1. Fun! Looks like life is treating you well! I love the carseat!

  2. Megan, that carseat is so dang cute!! You should start a business! Jared and I drove past Nick driving on a motorcycle. We waved, but he didn't see us...we were wondering what you guys were doing up this way :) And that story about your dad and Sophie on the doorstep is hilarious! Stop by next time you guys are in town!

  3. Love the carseat cover! Where did you go to figure out how to do that?

  4. such a funny story about your dad! i loooove the carseat cover! you are amazing!

  5. I love the carseat cover you made!! Want to make me one?? he he!! That's fun that you surprised your family! I can't wait to go to Pocatello for a week. Josh isn't coming, so it will be sad to be without him, but fun to be with my family!! :-)

  6. Your carseat cover turned out SO cute and that story about your dad is SO funny! I can't believe Nick beat you at golf. We are so glad we got to see you guys for a couple of days :)

  7. Impressive car seat cover - I love the fabric you picked out!

    I can't believe your dad didn't look at the crying baby, the story made me laugh :-)

    I am so jealous you went to San Fransico. I have never been, and everytime I look into going it is super expensive - I really don't want to drive the 16 hour :-)

    This is Nicole btw - using Kevin's account.