Monday, July 11, 2011


WOW! It is officicial I am SO bad at keeping up with this blog. I think about updating it all the time, but when I get time to sit down and do it, when Sophie is taking her nap and the house is somewhat clean,  I decide I would probably rather do somthing else, like read a book, or watch a show that I have recorded (DVR is like the best invention EVER! haha). So updating the blog isn't a first priority, but we have had some fun thigs going on, and I really wanted to put it in here. That way if I forget to write in my journal, then I can always come and look here at my blog. :)
Anyways..Nick, Sophie, and I have been enjoying our time here in Reno. Its fun being somwhere new, and different but I will admit we really miss our families. Nick's brother Jono sent Nick a picture of a fish he caught and Nick was so jealous!! He really misses fishing ( and Jono ;) and the rest of his family. I miss mine too, but this last week they came down here to Reno to visit us and it was SOO great having them here. I knew I missed them, but I think I realized it a lot more this week. After they left I was so sad! Its kind of pathetic actually, because this is really the second time I have seen them since we have lived here in Reno, and we have only been here since May.
At the beginning of June I was able to go to Pocatello and see my family and also a lot of Nicks family too. That was also realy nice to see them! I really miss Nick' s family too! Hopefully some of them can come visit us sometime.

Sophie Hallie and Grandma Sue playing in the park in Pocatello

Sophie playing with Kyler

Me and My parent when they came to pick me up from Reno, we were freezing if you cant tell!

The reason I went to Pocatello in June was because for mine and Nick's anniversay we got tickets to a Cake concert in Boise, so I went down a few days early ( my parents came and picked up me and Sophie here in Reno). Then Mandy and Bryson (sis and bro) drove me to Boise and we picked Nick up from the airport and headed to my aunt and uncle's house. They live in Nampa and let us stay with them while we were in Boise. Friday night was the Cake concert! It was really fun! We definitely recommend it!

Nick and I at the Concert

This is the lead singer for CAKE

So this last week with my family here we had a great time. They came the Friday before the 4th and my parents left on Tuesday the 5th and Mandy and Bryson stayed until Saturday the 9th! We went to Lake Tahoe one day, we played tennis, went swimming at the pool here at our apartment complex, went to a minor league baseball game, we also went to a ward breakfast on the 4th which is kind of a funny story... So the breakfast was from 7am- 9am well we were all like "7am! Thats too early! We will go around 8" Well we end up getting there about 8:30. Its at this park and everyone is stitting around listening to this speaker., and we all just kind of walk up, then after he is done with his talk they are like "Thank you all for coming have a nice 4th of July!" So ya... basically we missed the breakfast part, but since EVERYONE saw us come late, they were like "oh it looks like some people havent eaten yet,  raise your hand if you havent gotten food" So, of course, my Dad and brother Bryson raise their hands. I think Me, my Mom and Mandy about died from embaressment! We were the only ones who hadnt eaten and everyone was like getting ready to go. Anyways... we stayed and ate, but I felt so stupid the whole time, because first of all we are still really new in our ward and nobody really knows us, so they were all probably wondering who we all were,  second the whole breakfast was over when we got there and the only food they had were these pancakes that had been sitting out for and hour and an half, and anyway it was just embarrassing. Other than that though the 4th was fun! We went and hit golf balls at this really cool driving range and we looked around down town, then Nick made a really good dinner and then we went and watched the fireworks!

At the Reno Aces Baseball game!

They do fireworks after the baseball game and these are the sweet glasses they give you to watch the firewroks with.

the Boys with Tahoe in the background

The girls

The water in Tahoe was Freezing! This video got cut off before we all jumped in, but its still kinda funny!

The rest of the week we just kind of hung out and went to the malls and more tennis, and swimming and on Thursday we went to the water park here in Reno, and that was really fun! Unfortuatly we left the card that goes in our camera home, so I couldnt get any pictures at the waterpark. Basically the week was really fun! And now I miss my family! Its nice to have a clean house again though! :) 

Here are some pictures and things of Sophie now. She is 11 months old today!!

ridin'  the Kirby

I got her hair into a little pony tail for the first time today! :)

This video is from about 3 weeks ago, but its so cute! 


  1. First - the story about your ward breakfast made me laugh out loud!!! I am so glad you shared!

    Second - Your pictures made me want to come visit, and go to Lake Tahoe (it's so pretty there)! I went boating with your mom, Bryson, and Mandy the other day. I see why you miss them, they are all pretty fun!!!

    Finally - Sophie is getting big, and so CUTE! I LOVE her little pony tail (girls are so fun)!!! Hopefully we will get to see you soon. Are you going to Benji's wedding? I was planning on it...

  2. Megan, I miss you! It sounds like you guys are liking Reno. I'm glad that you were able to spend some time with your family. I can't believe how big Sophie is getting! She's adorable! I want to see you and meet her sometime when you move back to Idaho. :) Love you girl!

  3. The pictures are wonderful! I can't believe Sophie is ll months old. I'm so glad you are having a good experience in Reno. I am counting the days until we come down. We will miss you at our family reunion this weekend, but will get you on Skype so everybody can see you! Love you!

  4. MEG! She is so dang adorable!! It sounds like you guys are doing really well!