Sunday, May 29, 2011


So we finally  made it here to Reno, NV. I say finally, because even though it only took us like 2 days to get here (yes we took it slow), but I feel like we are finally all moved in and kind of getting settled into life here in this new place. It took us so long because when we first got here the original apartment we moved into had some neighbors that just happened to be constant smokers. Honestly I think the only thing they did all day was smoke in their apartment, and unfortuately the smell came into our apartment really really bad. So Nick decided to go talk to the management and see if there was anyway we could switch to another place that we wouldnt get lung cancer from. :) Originally they told us that we would have to wait 3 weeks to move to another place, and that was a little annoying. But I think we bugged them enough times in those 2 days that they miraculously were able to find a place the following week. SO... that made me much much happier! Although, moving all of our stuff again was still a pretty big pain, but I am very glad we did it because this new apartment is very nice and best part is there is NO smoke! ;)
Now that we are all unpacked and everything, we have just been able to enjoy Reno a little bit more. It actually is a pretty nice city. There seems to be alot more to do here than in Pocatello (although i know that isnt saying much) but we like it so far. Nick and I were both really hoping that the weather here would be nice and warm, unlike Pocatello, but alas... I think the weather here is just about the same. Well its porbably a little bit warmer, but we were also hopeing to get away from Pocatello's wind, and I think Reno actaully is MORE windy! Oh well right. ;) 
I think Sophie likes it here too. She had a hard time at first with the move, I think mostly because she didnt know what was going on, and she was very very clingy to me for the first week or 2, THANKFULLY she is over that now. Her and i like to go on walks everyday, and for Mothers day Nick got me a jogging stroller, so I have been trying to go Jogging with her too. It is much harder to jog while pushing a stroller than just jogging on your own, so I will admit I thought I was going to pass out the first time I went. We live on a big hill and I made the mistake of running UP it the first time I went out running. I thought I was going to DIE when I got done. So ever since then I have decided to take easier routes.
Nick has been doing his rotations here at the St. Mary's hospital and I think he is enjoying it for the most part. I think he is just going to be glad when he gets to be paid for working instead of us paying them thousands and thousands of dollars for him to work. :)
ANYWAYS... basically we are doing really good. We are glad to be here, but we do miss our families. Unfortuately our camera got packed during the move so we were not able to get pictures of our trip here, or our first few days here, but I eventually found it so I will post some of the pictures that I have.
This is how we slept for the week we were in the nasty smoke-filled apartment

She looks like such a chub here!! :)

Oh ya... also did I mention that my hair is FINALLY starting to get long... im pretty excited about it! :)


  1. I came right home and looked at your blog :) I am glad you made it to Reno safely and got a smoke free apartment. Sophie has the prettiest blue eyes - I LOVE them!

    We missed you this weekend, but it was fun to talk to you briefly!

    I have never been to Reno, but I am pretty sure it is close to Lake Tahoe, we should all meet up in there sometime :)

  2. I am glad you guys got all settled into your new apartment. I would have been freaking out about the smoke too!

    Those pictures of Sophie are so cute!

    I love your long hair. I just chopped mine because it was driving me crazy!

    We miss you guys but are glad you are enjoying Reno :)