Monday, March 14, 2011

*Life's good!*

Alright, so i feel like I have been kind of slacking on the whole Blog thing. Maybe its because I didnt feel like anything cool was really going on in our lives at the moment,  but then I started thinking about it and I guess you could say that our lives are actually pretty good right now. Nick is finishing up his last semester of actual school work, which is super exciting for us because that means no more tests, which means lots of less stress for him, which in turn means lots of less stress for me! :) Its good all around.
Also we are moving to Reno in 2 months almost exactly from today, which seems crazy, but we are pretty excited about it. For those who don't already know this ( and i may have already talked about this in my last post) we are going there for Nick to do his pharamacy rotations for his last year of school. We will be there until December, and then if all goes as planned we will come back to Idaho, and he will finish off his rotations in the Burley/ Rupert area. The good news is that we were able to find some girls to rent our house while we are gone. Im very glad we found some, I was really stressed about it, but I think we have found some good girls to live here. HOpefully they wont trash it. ;)

ALso, Sophie is now 7 months old! I cannot believe it! Time goes by so fast! She can sit up all on her own now, and its really nice for me because I just sit her down with some toys and she will entertain herself for quite a while. I love it! :) I can actually get some things done around the house now. She still hasn't rolled over or even tried. I know she could do it if she wanted, but I honestly dont think she cares at all. haha Same goes with crawling/ scooting. Suppoedly some babies are supposed to be able to do that by this age, and once again I think Sophie could, but I dont think she even cares to try, and to be completely honest, Im ok with her just sitting for now. :)
ME and Nick were also able to go to the temple for the first time together since we have had Sophie. It was so nice to be able to go. My cousin Tina watched Sophie for us while we were there. She took some pictures, and they were so cute  I had to put them on here. This First one is of Sophie with Tina's cute little boy Caleb.

Caleb apparently was really excited to hold baby Sophie! ;)

I Love this one!

This is Tina! Her and Sophie had matching "I love NY" shirts on. By the way Tina is 9 months pregnant here, but doesnt she look so good!!! :)

I also went to Boise at the beggining of March to watch my sister Mandy's basketball team at State. They took third. It was a fun little trip for me and Sophie. Nick couldnt come because of school. :( I stayed in a hotel with my grandma and we took Sophie swimming one morning and she LOVED it! I have pictures of it too, but for some reason it wont upload those ones.

This coming week is Spring break. We are going to be heading to St. George, UT with my family. We go every year but for some reason I am like super super excited about it this year. I think its going to be so fun to have Sophie with us this time. Plus I am in desperate need of some sunshine! So there better be some! :)


  1. Have fun in St. Geezy! Good luck with you're move to Reno! Wish you guys the best!

  2. o Meg! I just love little Sophie!! Cute pics!! I'm sad your moving all the way to Reno!! :( HAve fun in St. George..that is seriously mine and Dan's FAVORITE place to go!! WE LovE it!!!

  3. Haha, thanks... I'm glad you chose the picture where you can't see my belly. Sophie is a doll, we love her! I'm sooo jealous of St. George! I wish I were there right now! Have fun for me too ok?

  4. I am so jealous you are going to St. George!!!! That sounds so nice!

    Sophie is a doll, she looks just like you (Lucky girl)!!!

    I think it is so exciting that you are almost done with school, and get to spend some time away with just your little family. Good luck in Reno, and let me know if you need anything.

  5. It has been so long since we have seen you and Sophie! She is beautiful! Hopefully, when you get back from St. George we will meet in Salt Lake and see your family! Love you!

  6. I liked the blog post, even though you say things don't seem so exciting!:-) Sophie pictures are always exciting to me, especially since I don't get to see her ever being so far away and all. You know she is like my little neice because we are like sisters! I hope you had fun in St. George. You will have to post some pictures!!