Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 months!

 So Sophie turned 4 months on saturday, I can't believe it! Where is the time going? I had a doctor appointment today and I guess she is pretty small for her age. (not that we didnt already know that) She is in the 20th precent in height, 15th percent in weight, and her dang head is so small, its only in the 3rd percent! She must get the small head from Nick, because I have always had a rather large one! :) 
Anyways...So, since she is now 4 months, we decided to have Sophie try solid food for the first time, well, if rice cereal counts as solid food. It seemed pretty watery to me. Anyways, I really dont think she liked it all that much, well actually I dont know,I couldnt tell really, because I dont even think she actually "ate" any of it. It basically all came right back out as soon as we tried to put it into her mouth. I guess that is pretty normal, though, for the first few times. Hopefully it will get better, because I'm kind of excited to start feeding her real food. :)

So not very many people know, but I have always really liked to draw. I haven't done it for a really really long time, but I got kind of bored one night and decided to draw a picture of Sophie. It turned out better than i was expecting, which is kind of exciting, because I really didnt think it would. But anyways... here is a picture if it. (by the way i think it looks much better in person, i couldnt really get a good picture of it.

So i just had to add some pictures of Sophie (what else am i supposed to do with the thousands of pictures i have of her, right? ;)

4 months old!


  1. She looks so cute! I'm loving' the Mandy cheeks! Cute drawing! You've always been a great drawer! I love it! See you sooon!

  2. wow GREAT drawing! i had no idea you liked to draw! it looks awesome!