Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just bored!

Nick is studying tonight, and I just put Sophie to bed and I decided that i would update what has been going on with our little family.... so I am sitting here trying to think about what we have been up to these last couple week and what I came up with is that basically not too much has been going on. To be honest though, nothing going on is kind of a nice little change! It seems like we have really had a crazy couple of months.
Right now though, I am just back to doing hair, I have been pretty busy with doing that and taking care of Sophie, who seems to think she gets to have my FULL attention ALL the time, and for some reason i give into her demands. :) She has started to be really smiley lately (well, smiley for her) and its fun to try and think of new dumb little things to get her to smile. 
Nick has been super busy with school this week. I swear those pharmacy people don't like to give them breaks. But he was in a little city ping pong tournament thing and he ended up having to play my dad for the Championship... and he WON!! I think everyone in my family was happy to see Nick win, except for my dad! haha
We also put up our Christmas decorations for family night last monday. I love this time of year and its so fun having Sophie with us this year. :)

 Nick with his precious ping pong paddle and his 1st place certificate!

I forgot to mention that nick has been trying new recipes. This time he made cranberry orange bread, it was delicious! 

Nick is always the best at getting her to smile!

HAHA! So let me explain this one... So back when i was in cosmetology school we tried this new kind of waxing where you use a hard wax to wax the hairs in people's nose. Well i told my dad, and brother Brandon, and nick about, so we decided to go get the wax and try it on them, a few weeks ago. Well they all loved it (it doesn't hurt as much as you would think) So... nick tells his brother Jono about it, and we decided to try it out again. I get quite a laugh watching them stick popsicle sticks with wax up their noses and then ripping them out. Its pretty funny. Anyways... so this is them with the sticks up their noses!


  1. You need to tell Nick to make that bread for the sock party! It sounds yummy! Sophie is getting so cute! Love you! See you soon!

  2. Haha! The picture of Jono and Nick waxing their nose hair is so funny! I wish I would have been there to see it :)

  3. Can Nick come to my house and bake for me? That would sure be nice! I think Sophie looks just like you in the pictures you posted - she is adorable!!!

  4. Tell Nick congrats for winning the tournament. I think that is hilarious he had to play your dad for the title!!!!!!

  5. HAHA! Gotta love the nose waxing!!!