Saturday, January 1, 2011


We had such a fun Christmas this year! Well, of course we do every year, but I think that having Sophie with us this year just made it so great! I think that, at least for me, when you have your own children to celebrate the Christmas season with you understand the true meaning of Christmas more. I was thinking on Christmas Eve about how much the Savior has blessed our lives this year and how grateful I am for my wonderful little family and for our Savior and the gospel in our lives, and yes we got very spoiled from both sides of the family, and of course the gifts are wonderful, but I think my favorite part of Christmas was just being able to spend time with our families. I was really able to reflect on the things that are truly important in this life. It was great!  
This year we stayed at my parents house on Christmas Eve and then we were there until about 2:00 on Christmas day. After that we headed to Burley to be with Nick's family, we were there the rest of Christmas day, Sunday (we went to church with all the family, but Sophie decided she didnt want to be quite at all during sacrament, so I spent the majority of the meeting out in the hall with her... needless to say, I don't think I got too much out of that meeting! :) Then Monday morning we all headed to Salt Lake to go to both of Nick's grandma's Christmas Parties. We came home Tuesday night. It was a nice trip... but I am glad to be back home. :) All in all, we had such a good Christmas!

This is is what we do every Christmas Eve, we call it "bowling for dollars". Its one of my families favorite traditions... basically we all bowl and my dad gives us a dollar for every spare and two dollars for every strike. Its great!

Sophie got so spoiled for Christmas!

Sophie playing with Grandma Shirley, and Nick and Sophie with Grandma Betty.


  1. looks like you guys had a FUN christmas! i LOVE the bowling tradition! so fun! sophie is soooo cute! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. We did bowling for dollars this year too, except we did it on the Wii (I am pretty sure my mom got the idea from your mom :). I agree with you, there is a special spirit at Christmastime when you have a little baby around. I think one of my favorite Christmas' ever was when Oakley was a month old, and it's because there was a really special spirit in our home.

    I put a couple pictures of Sophie on my blog - hopefully that is ok.

  3. Sophie is so cute!! I wish I lived closer so I could see her and you guys more!!