Tuesday, June 10, 2014

~Summer is HERE~

Summertime is seriously my favorite time of year, I love the warm weather, but mostly I love all the fun activities that come with summertime. 
Here is what we love to do in the Summer, 
and a few (OK it's a lot!) of pictures from the beginning of summer for us here in the 
Barker household. 
Our fun walks... We almost always go see the cows. My kids love it, and because it is literally at the end our street it makes for a nice easy walk. 

What would summer be without BBQ's right?!...

...And water fights.... Yes I'm holding the hose... No mercy!! HA ...

...and Parade's...

I decided this year to do my first ever yard sale... A couple of friends and I did it, and it turned out pretty good, it was a little crazy at times but we had fun! 

About a week ago, We went to the Zoo in Boise for Sophie's last day of Joy School... The kids loved it... We will definitely be going again, I'm sure.

We also just bought a stand-up paddle board, and it is AWESOME! I already want to get another one so we can go more than one person at a time. Plus you can't beat this view! 

Last, but not least...what would summer be without sleepovers... This was just last night, and was Sophie's first real sleepover, not including sleeping at Grandma's house. Her and Her cousin Kyler had a great time, an stayed up WAY too late!!

As you can see we LOVE summertime.. 
And I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us.

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