Saturday, January 18, 2014

*Christmas time with the Barker's*

Alright, I get that I am super late on posting for Christmas, but in all honesty we have been a little
 preoccupied here at our house with sickness that has lasted since Christmas. 
So... that is why I am just now doing this post, we are all FINALLY feeling better and MUCH happier. Which means I can tear myself away from my kids for more than 2 minutes to actually get on the computer, OR shower, OR....well you get it. Right?!

Christmas this year was great... like always, and busy... like always. This year we decided for the first time to do Christmas morning just here at home with our little family. It was GREAT! I loved being able to watch the kids run out to our OWN living room and see what Santa brought. I also really loved the fact that we didn't have to haul millions of presents to and from grandparents houses, and even though we did Christmas morning at our own house, we were still able to see all the family (grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins) at least sometime during the week of Christmas.
For Christmas eve, Nick had to work. That was kind of crappy, but he was able to get off a little early (5pm), so we had Thai take out for dinner and then we went to see the South Hills Christmas lights. Its a place pretty close to where we live and it is AWESOME! They even have a real life Camel that you can feed and pet. That was Sophie's favorite! After the lights we stopped for hot chocolate and then headed home to get ready for Santa. It was a great night together as a family and we loved every minute of it!

Unfortunately I lost quite a few of my pictures from Christmas.
 I'm still not sure how, but I have my suspicions that Sophie did it accidentally. Otherwise I don't know where they went.
But here are some that I didn't lose.

This is a video of us on Christmas morning.... kind of long.. but very cute. :)

This was the tornado that hit our house after opening presents on Christmas morning. 

The Bosen Family Sock party

Sophie LOVES baby Rebecca!
My brother Bandon and his wife Michelle, wishing this little cutie was actually theirs. HA... ;)
Christmas Day at Nick's parents house

I just realized I didn't get any of Grandma Shirley's Christmas party (where she hired a real Magician to come for the entertainment, It was very cool!)
and I also don't have any of the post Christmas activities, where we went to St. George with my family.
Oh well...

Sophie also had a Christmas dance recital. It was her first dance recital and she did great!

Is she not the prettiest little girl ever?!

This is the video of her dance, its definitely worth the watch ;) 

Here are just a couple more, of us... mainly just because I don't know
when else I would put these on here. :)
 this snowman literally lasted about 5 hours before it melted... I couldn't believe it! The weather this year has been so crazy!

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  1. yea! Glad you're feeling better! I hope nobody caught my strep throat! I love the Christmas tornado picture! So awesome!!! And Christmas at home is great isn't it!?