Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween! 2013

Our Halloween was SO fun this year! We all dressed up and went to our ward trunk-or-treat. The kids got WAY too much candy and I think Sophie is already looking forward to next year. Here are some pictures of us.  

Here is a little background on each of the costumes

Cru- He is the little old man from the Disney movie "UP". I am usually one that likes to come up with my own idea for costumes but I saw this on pinterst last year and I HAD to do it for Cru... it was too perfect!

Sophie- She is Cinderella (of course!) I was really hoping to do something else for her costume, something that didn't involve princesses, but alas this is what she wanted to be so, yep... here she is, and I will admit she looked very cute, I mean "beautiful" as she would have me say. :)

Me and Nick- So I really wanted to do a "couples costume" but we didn't. So I decided to be a rag doll, mainly because I wanted to make this wig, and Nick is something... cowboy maybe? He came up with this costume himself. But don't let him fool you, because he has definitely wore this tassel jacket in real life, as in, not for Halloween.  

And now its time for picture overload:

Ayla -minnie mouse, Sophie-cinderella, and Kyler-the football player

Grandpa Scott, and the chili dogs :)

Grandma Sue with the kids

Jono- the vampire

For real though, is he not the cutest?!!!
And he actually kept the glasses on most of the time... its a Halloween miracle!


  1. Very Cute!! I love your wig! For our ward, we dressed up as Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Payson was a Newsie, but we didn't dress up for actual Halloween!! Looks like you guys has lots of fun!

  2. I'm not going to lie. I told Brant last night that it WOULD be nice to live somewhere warm for Halloween! Coats, hats, etc., are just such a pain. We trunk or treated in a snow storm. And I LOVE Cru's costume! Cute!!! Sophie does look Beautiful, and I like your wig. Was it easy to make?

  3. You guys look adorable and Cru. Oh Cru! I could melt!!!!