Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer 2013 with the Barkers

So now that it's October, I guess I have to come to grips with the fact that summer is definitely over now. 
 I am always a little sad for it to end but I do absolutely LOVE fall! (except for the fact that it means winter is coming as well... yuck!) 
Anyways... due to the end of summer, I guess it has come time to do a post dedicated to our 
summer time fun!
So here ya go... mostly through pictures...
 Summer 2013 with the Barker family. 

1. We finished our yard this summer... and did it ALL ourselves,  this was just the beginning of a VERY long project!
2. Yeah, that's right, we make our 3 year old help with the yard too :)
3. Fun at the lake
4. Cousins
5. Our fun camping trip with Chad and Shantae's  family
6.  Sophie started dance this summer and LOVED every second of it.
7.. Along with finishing the yard (see that grass! ) we also built a deck, this was before it was done though.
8. Bike rides!

 At the end of July this year, my youngest brother, Bryson, left on his mission to Arcadia, California. This was right before we dropped him off at the MTC. He is doing great, and we are all SOO proud of him!

Also in August my sister, mandy, my brother Brady and his wife Elisa and I all did the Color Run 5k in Salt Lake City. It was SO fun! We definitely want to do it again next year!

1. My birthday date!
2. More fun at the lake with the paddle boards (this was just before Bryson left on the Mish)
3. Sophie also did swimming lessons this year, and as much as I would like to say she loved it, she didn't. In fact I had to bribe her almost every single time to go. But she did end up doing better at the end of the summer when Kyler, her cousin, did it with her. And  she has gotten much better at swimming so I guess it was worth it.
4. Boating, of course!. We love going to visit Nick's parents in Burley, and taking the boat out. It's one of the best things about summer!

So I realize that these pictures really don't do it justice but we had a great summer and had so much fun! Summer is the best! We just love to be able to be outside in the sunshine and do things together as a family!
I am already looking forward to next year. :) 

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  1. Only sad part about this summer, is we didn't get to see you enough!!! Fall is short over here in STar Valley, so you guys should come!!! (It's almost over, actually...) Love the new pictures, and Cru is so stinking handsome!