Monday, August 5, 2013

Look Who Turned 1 Years Old!

That's right! This little cutie turned 1 on August 2.

I cannot believe how fast this year had gone by, and although I love this stage, it still makes me a little sad that he is no longer considered a baby. For his birthday we had a little party for him with some of Nick's family ( my family couldn't make it) and had pizza, cake and ice cream and it was fun! 
Cru is such a fun little guy, and we just love him. 

 Here is a cute video of him eating his cake.
He was struggling a bit at first, oh and don't mind my annoying voice I tend to talk a lot when I record these videos.

In celebration of his birthday I thought I would do 20 fun facts about Cru,
here ya go: 

1. Cru is always happy, even when he isn't feeling great 
(he has had a little cold, and is getting teeth right now)

2. He still isn't walking, that doesn't mean he can't, though, he just isn't. 

3. He LOVES cars and balls

4. He is ALL boy! 

5. He loves Sophie and thinks she is hilarious

6. He is starting to talk and I love it, he can say
"mama, dada, uh-oh, and apple"  
these are the only ones we can understand at the moment

7. He likes to wave hi and bye

8. He smiles all the time, and his smile is the BEST!

9. He is very easy going

10. He only has 2 teeth right now, but that doesn't stop him from eating just about anything.

11. He is FINALLY sleeping in his crib, although he still has a hard time falling asleep.

12. He loves to GO... literally never stops moving!

13. He still loves stuffed animals and still likes to squeeze them.

14. He likes to head butt (thanks alot Grandpa Scott) ;) 

15. He loves to pretend wrestle with  Nick and Sophie, like I said, ALL boy!

16. He loves bath time

17. He is kind of small for his age, but you would never know it looking at him.

18. He is smart, seriously! He figures stuff out that took Sophie forever to figure out.

19. He is a cuddler ( I love it!)

20. He is the cutest little 1 year old boy I know! We love him and are so happy that he is part of our family!

Another Video 
He LOVES this new little car her got! He would push it around all day if I would let him.

Here are some more pictures of his party! 

This cake was supposed to be a wheel... can you tell?

You can't really tell from this picture, but he really did like the cake... I made him his own little one.

Sophie decided to "help" Cru with his cake by licking all the frosting off of his chair. How thoughtful of her huh! :) 

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  1. Love the little chunky guy! So cute! ALL boy can be pretty fun huh? You need to bring him up to Wyoming to go hiking! (Or something...) I guess frogs and tadpoles are pretty awesome... but we have grasshoppers...!