Wednesday, February 6, 2013

~January 2013~

Alright so I am not going to lie, I'm pretty glad that January is over! Our January consisted of a lot of cold weather and a LOT of sickness! Of course there were definitely some good times too, but man, I can only hope that these sicknesses going around will be passing quickly. My kids are magnets to them! Anyways... here is our life in January, in between sickness.

So first off, Cru has now started eating real baby food! I love when they can finally do that. 
I gave him rice cereal first and lets just say that didn't go over too well.
  I was actually a little worried because after his first taste of it he gagged and wouldn't even open his mouth any more. 
So then after a few days of trying I decided he wasn't going to change his
mind about that stuff so we tried the actual food stuff (like mixed fruit, bananas, etc.)
This time he LOVED it and literally couldn't get enough. 
He loves to eat, and believe me, it shows! haha 
He is a little chunk but he is the cutest! He is about 17lbs now and only 6 months old! ha

So on January 8th of this month my sweet mother turned the big 5.0. My dad planned a surprise party for her and we went down to Pocatello for it. She was very surprised and even though my Mom hates surprises I think she really liked this! Im glad she did, she deserves it! For those who don't know my mom, she is pretty much
I love her so much and I hope I can be
just like her!

Like I said our January was very cold, so we spent most of our days inside 
Although, we did go play in the snow a couple of times.
Here is some pictures of our normal daily stuff. Nothing too exciting.

Cru found his toes! He sucks on them all of the time. He also has gotten VERY good at rolling and I really have to watch him. He can scoot around on his belly and I am sure he is going to be crawling here soon.

Making Snow angels

Alright here is a little update on us. Cru is now 6 months old. He rolls over all the time and can now sit up all by himself. He is a VERY happy baby. He smiles at everything and he is so cute and fun!
Sophie is 2 and half and is awesome! She has got quite the personality. She can be very shy but as soon as she opens up she is really funny and  cute! She loves kids and really loves nursery. She loves to dance! I can't wait until she is old enough to go to dance classes. She will love it! (I am going to try and put a video on here of her dancing but if I can't figure it out, too bad!)

(she makes up all her own moves, by the way, pretty sweet!)

Nick is really liking his job (most days), but He loves to come home and play with Sophie and Cru. He really is  such a good husband and Dad!
I stay busy with these two kids. I feel like just going to the store is like a whole day production but I love being a mom. I can't even imagine what life was like before having Sophie and Cru. They really are the best!


  1. Love it! What a cute Cru! I didn't know about your MOm's party! Sounds like it was fun! Enjoy your warmth now... we'll still have cold a long time!!! (Disneyland too!)

  2. Can I just say CUTE!!!!!??? Cru is a little chunk, but that is adorable, and Sofie's dance is the cutest thing!! I'm sorry there was lots of sickness in January! I hope everyone is feeling better now!