Thursday, November 15, 2012


We love Halloween, and this year was so fun! ( I have been meaning to do this post for a week or so now but just got pictures... Thanks Natasha!! :) We all got dressed up. I went as a flower, Nick was a bee keeper, Sophie was a butterfly and Cru was a bumblebee! It was fun dressing up!

 Sophie really got into it this year and absolutely loved wearing her costume. She is usually pretty shy about talking to people that she doesn't know but apparently her awesome home-made butterfly costume gave her this new found confidence. In fact even now if someone asks her what she was for Halloween she decides to not be shy and will tell them all about it. Its great!

This year we went to Burley for Halloween and went with Nicks parents and Jono and Natasha's and their kids to their parents trunk or treat. They had a little dinner and a costume parade for the kids. (Sophie was adorable in this and was waving to everyone as she passed by them) Then we did the Trunk or Treat. Sophie and Kyler went together and it was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. They held hands for most of it and would go together to each car and say trick or treat. SO CUTE!!

After the trunk or treat Nick and Jono and Grandma Sue took Sophie and Kyler to a couple houses in the neighborhood. I don't think Sophie ever wanted to stop. She thought it was the best thing ever! We had a lot of fun!
We also went to a pumpkin patch a little before Halloween. It was a really cool little place and it was really fun! Here are some pictures from that. Thanks again Natasha!

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  1. Cute Family Costumes!! I'm glad Sophie had a good time!! How fun!