Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~Happy Birthday Sophie!~

On August 11th Sophie turned 2! (I know, I know, that was a month ago, I'm a slow blogger.) I cant believe that she is 2 already, Crazy!! Her birthday this year was pretty lame because it happened to be the same week we just moved into our new house (more details in my next post) and with that and the new baby I really didnt plan a party for her, and I still feel bad about it. Next year I guess, right?! We did have a little cake and ice cream at a park for her with my family in Pocatello and then a couple days later we had cake and ice cream with Nicks family in Twin Falls. She definitely got spoiled with gifts from everyone though!

Well since it was her birthday , and I havent really done a post for her in quite awhile, this one is for her. So 20 things about Sophie... here we go:

1. She already has a great sense of humor and she is a goof ball, she loves to do random little things that she thinks are funny, and most of the time they are. At least I think so. ha
2. She is smart. She can talk super well and talks all of the time. She also knows how to count to 10 and sing her ABC's.
3. She is a total mama's girl, but she really loves her Daddy too. She's my little buddy. She wants to do everything I do and wants me to "watch" her do everything!
baking muffins in our new kitchen... this has become one of Sophie's
favorite activites

4. Her favorite movies are Tangled, and Finding Nemo. We watch them like everyday, well I should say we start them every day, we dont usually watch the whole movie.
5. She is a great helper. She loves to help me with things around the house. Her favorite things are unloading the dishwasher (she hands me the utensils one by one, it takes forever actually but she loves it), and she also likes to help me put the clothes from the washer to the dryer (also one by one).
6. Sophie is a great "big" sister and loves her little brother Cru.

7. She loves loves loves to DANCE! I wish I could put her in dance classes now because even though she is only just barely 2, I think she would do awesome. She dances all the time and makes up her own dances. Its so cute.
8. She loves animals any and all, she really loves dogs and cats though,  and I think we need to get some kind of pet... an outdoor pet... but Nick isn't too fond of the idea.
this isnt a real dog but you get the idea

9. She loves to be around people especially other little kids. She really loves to play with all of her cousins.
10. Sophie loves sweets/ treats. I try not to let her eat them very often but if she could, I bet that is all she would eat. Although I think thats pretty typical for most kids.
11. She really likes to sing. Lately she has become very good at Happy Birthday, probably because of all the August/ September birthdays we have. Her other favorite songs are "I am a Child of God" and the "ABCs" .
12. She is kind of shy, especially if she is just meeting someone for the first time.
13. She has an attitude, and can be a little stinker, but for the most part she is very sweet.
14. She likes to shop, and when she sees somthing she likes she always picks it up and says "cuuuute!!" Its hilarious!
15. Her new favorite game is hide and seek, she likes to seek.
16.She now weighes 23 lbs. still pretty small for a 2 year old.
17. She loves getting presents (who doesnt) sometimes Nick will bring her a little "present" home from work, like a fruit snack or squeez-it. She loves that.

18. She loves to go in Grandpa Scott's boat! and If she is being brave she will even go on the water weenie.

19. She loves her blankie and paci... they are the two things she will not share with anyone.
20. She is pretty much the cutest 2 year old girl ever... well thats what I think ;) We love her!



  1. Happy Birthday, little Sophie!! Megan, your new kitchen is cute, and you look AWESOME for just having a baby! I'm pretty sure you look better than me already, and Payson is almost 7 months old! :-) Let's just not stand next to each other at the Sock Party!! he he Well, Sophie is a cutie, and it was fun to read the 20 things about her!!

  2. I agree that Sophie is the cutest 2 year old girl ever! And I'm so excited to see you guys this weekend!