Tuesday, May 15, 2012


SOOOO Much has been going on these last couple of months and I have been meaning to get on here and update this thing but for some reason I just keep putting it off!
BUT.... Im doing now. :) So im just going to write about it all as it comes to me, not really in any particular order here.
1. We are moving to Twin Falls, ID for Nick's new job as a pharmacist at Ridleys. Although we arent moving until sometime in June. Nick still has to take pharmacy boards and he takes those in June. So until then he gets to work here in Pocatello. :)

2. We have decided to build a house instead of buying. This is because after much research we came to the conclusion that for the amount of space we were wanting and where we wanted to live that it would actually be cheaper to build than buy. Its still a mystery to me why that is, but I like it!. We bought a lot on the Jerome country club golf course (so technically we are going to be living in Jerome, but, for those of you who know that area we are on the twin side of the freeway right by the cool Canyon, Its a pretty cool spot!) However, building a house is a little more stressful than buying one. Not to mention we now have to wait for it to be built. And as of right now they havent even started on it yet. So we are hoping and praying they will be able to start within the next week or two

3. My brother Brady got home from his mission!! Its always so fun to have my brothers get home. This was the first time in about 4 years our whole family has been all together. It was so great to see Brady again and he got to meet Sophie for the first time! I didnt know how she was going to act. I thought she would probably act shy around him because she is very shy around people she has never met, but she really took to Brady quickly. I still dont think Brady knows what a big deal that is for her to do that. She was so happy to see him and was following him around all night. She still loves him and always wants to sit by him when he comes over. :)
At the Airport when he got home. Funny story... so apparently his flight was supposed to get there at 2:15pm but it was a little early and since he flew into SLC my parents and Brandon drove down there to pick him up while the rest of us waited in Pocatello. Well, for those of you who know my parents they arent known for being on time, this was the case here. Poor Brady's flight came about 20min early and nobody was there to greet him! HAHA He flew in with a couple other missionaries and he said they all had banners and a bunch of family and they all felt bad that nobody was there to greet him so they all congratulated him. But Brady said you could tell they were all just feeling bad for him! I thought it was hilarious!

This is Brady and Sophie meeting for the first time.

4. We found out we are having a baby boy!! We are super excited about it (especially Nick)! We, of course, would have been happy with either a boy or a girl, but we were both kind of hoping for a boy.

5. Nick graduated from Pharmacy school!! I am SOO proud of him! He has worked very hard for this and he did it!! Not that I ever thought he wouldnt, but there were times I know he wondered if he would ever be done with school! FINALLY he is!! ; )

Nick, Sophie, and Nick's parents after graduation

The Pharmacy banquet the night before graduation

6. My brother Brandon got engaged!! Her name is Michelle Burton and she is so great!! We love her, and she just fits right into our family! Im very excited to have her as a Sister-in Law!They are getting married July 20th. I wasnt too excited about the date because I will be HUGE considering im due like 3 weeks after that, and so I think I will just hide from the camera as much as possible. I tried to get them to reconsider on the date but for some reason me being fat wasnt that big of a deal to them. HA Weird right?

This is Brandon and Michelle! So cute huh!

Ok So I think that is all the big things that have gone on. We are feeling so blessed these days! Sophie is getting so big and is such a sweet little girl. She is still very clingy to me and im hoping that this will pass soon because I dont know how she will be once the new baby is here. I guess we will be finding out soon enough. For the most part, though, she is very very good and easy. She is talking really well these days and we always know exactly what she is thinking because she says everything she thinks. Nick has been trying the last few days to teach her how to count to five. She sometimes does really well and then sometimes its like she has no idea. Its funny and cute  watching him do it with her. Also, Nick made her a cute little toddler bed and she has started sleeping in it. She LOVES it! It was actually a lot easier to get her to sleep in it than I thought it would be, the only drawback is that now she can get out of it. So if she happens to wake up in the middle of the night (which she does often!) she ends up coming into our room crying and wanting me to come sleep with her in her bed. Kind of cute, but also kind of annyoing! More annoying, especially at 4am!

Sophie in her cute bed!

Sophie thinks its funny to hide in the coat closet and then jump out and "scare" us! Its pretty funny!

So I think that about sums everything up. We love life and are looking forward to all the new changes that are coming!


  1. A lot has happened to you guys in the last few months! The pictures are adorable--we miss you guys so much. Can't wait for you to live with us for awhile while your house is being built! Love you!

  2. Yay! Lots of exciting stuff happening in your lives! We can't wait for your house to be built so you can live by us again :)